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Terms and conditions

1. STD is available by default

2. Service tax levied@14%

3.%FCV or any other benefits in the plan , if any are available per bill cycle and cannot be carried forward to next billing cycle unless explicitly allowed by Airtel

4.Apart from the above mentioned ISD rates , there are certain other area specific codes which will be charged at different rates , please refer details on

5. Interest fee is refundable after disconnection subject to adjustment of outstanding dues , if any

6. As per TRAI, bill calculation is based on the following assumption- 61% of overall calling on local fixed line (on net 23%, off net 38%) 13% of local mobile (On Net 5%, Off Net 8%), 20% on fixed line STD (On Net 3%, Off Net 17%) and 6% on Mobile STD (On Net 2%, Off Net 4%)

7. Data transfer include both Upload and Download

8. The Estimated bill is exclusive of taxes, PRS/VAS charges,chargeable broadband usage, etc and hence cannot be taken as the exact bill amount . Activation is subject to necessary documents viz Customer Acquisition Form / Subscriber Enrollment Form along with valid POI (Proof of Identity) and POA (Proof of Address)being submitted and furnished by customer alongwit this tariff enrollment form .All Value Added and Premium Rate Services (VAS/PRS) are chargeable services

9. The plans / offers are subject to guidelines/directions/orders issued by TRAI and/or DOT . Bharti Airtel Ltd reserves the right to modify/alter/change/withdarw the tariff plns

10. Accuracy of measurement of time is +/- 1 second . Call duration is rounded upwards if it is equal to or more than 1 milli second . All value added and premium rate (VAS/PRS) are chargeable services and available if subsribed to

11. Broadband connectivity is subject to on ground feasibility at installation address in case feasibility is not available charged amount will be reversed to the customer within 30 working days

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